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Mixed reactions trails two Nigerian ‘housemaids’ converted to Islam in Libya

Two Nigerian women working as housemaids in Tripoli, Libya have reportedly converted to Islam.  

Local media including The Libya Observer shared a photo of the Nigerian women after their convertion on Wednesday, April 14.

However, the report has attracted varying comments on social media with some people expressing delight that the ladies converted to ‘true religion’ while others, mostly, Nigerians in Libya, claimed that the women were either forced by their employers or they are doing it for ”money.”

Abba Abubakar , wrote: “I congratulate them on joining the true religion and I appeal to some Nigerians who comment that they are being persecuted for embracing the religion. This is not a good idea. You are doing the Libyans injustice and I know why you are doing it because the Libyans are hurting you. But you should know that Islam does not teach them that. If you look at how Nigerian Muslims do not harm any Christian or non-Muslim, this is enough to understand.Islam does not teach oppression to Muslims and does not accept oppression. I advise you If you do not do justice to Islam, stop coming to their country. But Islam is a religion of justice, not a religion of coercion. You should make sure you research”

“Why is it news ? When Islamic religion is also a religion practice in Nigeria & by Nigerians. Weytin una wan tell us ? Or something else is fishy, even our Baba Bubu is ur religion broda nah” David Chukky wrote. 

Okoye Agubatofia: “U people know what you promise them before converting them, because I was there b/4, they always promise me heaven and earth to convert me but I refuse,they even promise me that they will build house for me and I will marry their woman but I refuse, all those promises” 

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