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I’m not afraid to die – Benue governor, Samuel Ortom

Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom has said he is no more afraid to die and that even if he dies now, his family will have no cause to fight over his property because he has already written his will.

The governor warned that prominent Nigerians who have been keeping quiet about the state of insecurity in the country should change their ways as it isn’t in the best interest of the country.

He told Sunnewsonline;

This is a very sad thing. I feel so sad when I try to make public what is happening in Benue State and people castigate me and insult me.

But I remain committed to serving my people. And of course, I was not elected to preside over IDPs and dead people. And if something is beyond me, at least, I can raise alarm for others to come and help me to solve this problem.

The problem of insecurity in Nigeria today is man made. The present Federal Government is responsible because I took proactive steps right from 2016 when I came in and I saw this coming. And today I am warning Nigerians, those who are sitting in their comfort zones, I want them to understand. Last week, one of my colleagues in the North East raised an alarm that ISWAP has taken over part of his state and they are gradually coming in. They are deadly and they have the capacity to overrun this country based on what he saw. And I agree with him that if we don’t take time, it will happen. Like I raised alarm earlier about the challenges we have that if we don’t take time, one day, what happened in Afghanistan, God forbid, will happen in Nigeria.

Me, I’m not afraid of anybody. If I die now, my family will not be fighting because of what I have. I have stated what I want.

And those people who are keeping quiet about what is happening in Nigeria, I want to tell them that they have children. Yes, because silence is consent. So, Nigerians must resist the evil that is happening.

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