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Elections are part of ways which strengthens every democratic settings. Nigeria however is not excluded in this process.

In Nigeria, the people/citizenry file out every four years to elect their Leaders or representatives through the ballot system.

The people so elected have the mandate of the electorate to either be their President, Governor, Senator, House of Representatives, or the State House of Assembly.

However, this process is characterized by many factors but not limited to International monitors and accompanying interference.

Currently, the election is less than two months away, and all the candidates, as well as the electorates, are ready to exercise their fundamental rights by voting for their preferred candidates. It is a global stage for foreign players to campaign for their positions.

It is unavoidable that the Nigerian election will not be tampered with. When it comes to International politics, there is one thing we must keep in mind: state actors and non-state actors are both very significant in any election, regardless of the country. It is referred to as a conflict of interest.

Foreign countries will obviously lobby for their favored candidate, and they will employ both state and non-state entities to ensure that their objectives are met. Nigeria is an important country that should not be overlooked, as well as a pillar of Africa. The candidates may not engage with them, but non-state actors, like state actors, will in order to safeguard their interests. This is a political discourse.

State actors and non-state actors will back up their preferences. To argue that foreign missions should step back is an understatement. It is a political language, and the tone is understood by the International participants, hence, this is unavoidable. Don’t be too firm. State and non-state actors will support their positions.

Written by: Babajide A. Martins Faleru.

Email: Bamfale769@yahoo.co.uk

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