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Lionel Richie says s3x is responsible for his good looks and not plastic surgery

Grammy award-winning singer, Lionel Richie credits his ‘’ageless” appearance to sleep, sweat and sex despite rumors he has had plastic surgery.

The 73-year-old singer has shared some of his best anti-aging techniques , joking that he would never go under the knife because “that s—t goes wrong!”

“[Plastic surgery] locks you in for that year [while you recover] and after that, you can’t go naturally, you’re staying right there … You try and go back to reset, and you can’t,” he told the outlet.

Instead, Richie says he focuses on “water, sleep, and sweat” and doesn’t eat “too much red meat.”

“I know it’s real boring. [Sex] will work also and it’s good for your heart,” the iconic crooner, who has been dating 33-year-old model Lisa Parigi for more than a decade, added.

His comments come after social media users reacted to his looks rather than his performance at King Charles III’s coronation on Saturday, May 6.

“Lionel Richie’s face looks more fake than the clay fan the blind woman was sculpting in his ‘Hello’ video!” one user wrote on social media.

“Lionel Richie has really messed up his face …. why do these people do that to themselves? They never look any younger they just look odd,” another added.

“WTF was his plastic surgeon doing?” a third person tweeted alongside a photo of Richie on stage. “Training or experimenting with new stuff? I would hope Lionel Richie didn’t pay for that new face.”

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